Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Series of Curious Events

I invite you to take a trip with me down Blog Lane, C.Sweet Street (I fapped this idea from Ladi):

A young lady gets into a car with an elderly man, but six seconds later she jumps out, looking very mortified. Why? (It’s more comical than naughty)

Do you think this man is really mad, or is he just one of the many victims of our terrible economic condition?

They say “Once bitten, twice shy” but this girl is clearly not getting shy about this issue. Perhaps she has been bitten by something else?

In the heat of an argument, fine English words are forgotten in A Lecturer’s Dilemma.

P.S: Blogging is becoming quite addictive. Should I be worried?

NO I shouldn’t:- It’s one of my best ways of getting perspective on a whole range of issues. Reading blogs is very enlightening, amusing, thought-provoking... My vocabulary has improved too.
YES I should:- It doesn’t leave me much time to do less interesting but essential things.
Sha sha...

Hey, don’t forget to tune in to the G-20 Summit proceedings. Being informed is the first step toward progress. Cheers!