Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Waka-Waka: Time Na Money

I have an obsession for detail. I always like to cross my i's and dot my t's.
- Unidentified job-seeker during an interview.

Hi. How have you been lately?
Me? I’ve been happy with myself.
I’ve discovered that the Labour/Favour/Job Market has its advantages:

  1. Ask me anything- I know it, or am about to know it. I am a Walkipedia; from Angela Merkel to the tragic death of the Zimbabwean PM's wife. Ask me about the 16th President of the USA, the number of Local Govts in Nigeria, the VP in IBB's regime, the latest in Gaza, the meaning of PPPRA, just ask me. I'll find out if I don't know it yet. Yesss, it's a good feeling!
  2. You can improve your mental arithmetic skills. (Mental arithmetic and I have not been good friends, but nowadays...)
  3. Your self-confidence increases as you practice what you are going to say to prospective employers. Your carriage improves, and your wardrobe also steps up; c'est time for "power dressing" - where is that can of starch spray again???

But you know, I don't want to stay in the Job Market for long, so lemme get back to my favorite books, papers and job sites. Time na money.

Keep taking care of you.