Monday, August 25, 2008


This is a picture I like very much.
Lagbaja looks unruffled; the baby on the mortar, reaching for the music manuscript is endearing; the people discussing in the corner are very Naija.
The tie-and-dye labullĂ© (curtain) and the (somehow) unsettling wood carvings… mmm… very, very cool.
The pc, the book collection, the stereo, tv… correct!

Bits and pieces of two different cultures blended together to give a warm, deliciously down-to-earth representation of today’s Nigeria.

NB: I think the picture would also make for a great Spot-The-Difference game, don’t you agree?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Je je je they dey go-o!!"

Athletic and Natural.
She plays football with the guys, is a great volley ball player and loves to ride bicycles. Her hair is long and brown and suits her fair complexion.
Oh yes... she also loves to laugh.
Her favorite(and I mean favorite) phrase before erupting in happy laughter is "okereleee!"
This Imo State girl who has a tomboy exterior has a soft side too, of course. When she talks about the love of her life, her eyes (and entire countenance, actually) light up. (Sometimes you're even tempted to blush by her very candid display of emotion). If I'm to choose the one thing I'll miss her dearly for, it's her laughter. NYSC, you did good in making our paths cross, but it's time to say goodbye (sighs sadly). Well, when I think of her I can always yell:


Super Cook, Super Mama!
This Rivers State lady can cook (as the subtitle implies, duh). She can transform a regular, everyday meal into a delightful, more-that-Maggi-Family-Menu meal. Wow. Time will not permit me to elaborate (I'm extremely hungry too, truth be told. We just finished this month's clearance, and thinking about food isn't helping my shaking hands).
Her favorite words, right before she eats is "I'm going to enjoyyy myself veeeery well." She says this so calmly I cannot help but giggle and join her. Aside from being a great cook, she's an encourager, very practical and you can always count on her to be "Mama".
Kai, I'll miss you O!

Lively, life, alive, exuberant!!
Chai, the lodge is going to be so empty and so, so quiet without this Edo lady! Ha! There's the popular saying, "never a dull moment with you" and she embodies it. Mehn she's so much fun. Her voice is loud, and it doesn't take a lot of effort to get her laughing. It's lovely being in her company, playing Whot, eating, jisting about.. well, lots of stuff :-)
I will miss her loud, lively, lovely self. I will miss these three amazing sistas who have helped me gather my wits about me. For making me laugh, for advicing me, and yes... for teasing me.

My lovely roommates, you dey go-oooo! Come September 11 2008, you'll head back to Lag, PH, Edo State... chai! I must savour every moment that I can. I must live, laugh and love like you three.

Je je je we dey go-o,
Ajuwaya praise the Lord O,
We remove head-dress O,
Ajuwaya, praise the Lord!