Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Series of Curious Events

I invite you to take a trip with me down Blog Lane, C.Sweet Street (I fapped this idea from Ladi):

A young lady gets into a car with an elderly man, but six seconds later she jumps out, looking very mortified. Why? (It’s more comical than naughty)

Do you think this man is really mad, or is he just one of the many victims of our terrible economic condition?

They say “Once bitten, twice shy” but this girl is clearly not getting shy about this issue. Perhaps she has been bitten by something else?

In the heat of an argument, fine English words are forgotten in A Lecturer’s Dilemma.

P.S: Blogging is becoming quite addictive. Should I be worried?

NO I shouldn’t:- It’s one of my best ways of getting perspective on a whole range of issues. Reading blogs is very enlightening, amusing, thought-provoking... My vocabulary has improved too.
YES I should:- It doesn’t leave me much time to do less interesting but essential things.
Sha sha...

Hey, don’t forget to tune in to the G-20 Summit proceedings. Being informed is the first step toward progress. Cheers!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Escape V

Escape velocity was one of the few Physics theories I was able to understand in Sec. School, and I like it more as I read The 8th Habit (this book is too much) by Stephen R. Covey (this man is too much):

Q: I find it’s almost impossible for me to change my habits. Is this realistic? Am I unique?

A: You are not alone. Let me explain why.
Where do you think the most power and energy is expended on [a] journey into space? Going a quarter of a million miles to the moon? Returning to earth? Orbiting the moon? Separating and redocking the lunar and command modules? Lifting off the moon?

No, not any of these. Not even in all of these together. It was lifting off from Earth. More energy was spent in the first few minutes of liftoff from Earth-in the first few miles of travel-than was used in half a million miles for several days.

The gravity pull of those first few miles was enormous. It took an internal thrust greater than both the pull of gravity and atmosphere resistance to finally break out into orbit. But once they did break out, it took almost no power to do all those other things. In fact, when one of the astronauts was asked how much power was expended when the lunar module separated from the command module to go down and survey the moon, he answered, “Less than the breath of a baby.”

This lunar voyage provides a powerful metaphor for describing what it takes to break out of old habits and create new ones… If you will simply start down the pathway of Finding Your Voice and Inspiring Others to Find Theirs and stick with it, you will develop the power of this new habit to grow and change in today’s world of tremendous challenge, complexity and opportunity.

Fire Fox - A True Story

It all began when he met her.
He was handsome; she was beautiful. He liked what he saw; she liked what she heard. It had nothing to do with the foxes.

Mama and Baba were uncomfortable with his attraction to her. Weren’t there other burrful young women in town he could choose from? He shook his head, no. His intense eyes were for the Timnite girl only; she was diamond among graphite. In ba ita ba, sai rijiya.

His parents acquiesced, and they did the required introductions and got married. Seven days later, however, he stormed out of Timnah, leaving his Amarya behind after being tricked by some of her malicious people. What kind of woman would agree to deceive her new husband? Several weeks passed, but it was not like he had abandoned her for good. He just needed to clear his mind, resolve his anger, arrange himself, that kind of thing.

Only… her father didn’t know that. So he said.
“EH??!!! See, I KNOW you didn’t just say you GAVE. MY. WIFE. AWAY. to my BESTMAN! Ha!” he raved. “That’s just impossible. Error!”

But his (now ex-)Father-in-law didn’t reveal any hidden Candid Camera. He merely gestured as he said “I thought you didn’t love her anymore.” Done was done. Say bye bye to denial. The sooner the better, please.

And that’s when the foxes made their dramatic appearance.
“Now I will treat you people’s nonsense,” Samson raged, and treat it he did. The powerful man tied firebrands to 150 pairs of foxes he’d caught, “and let the foxes loose in the standing grain of the Philistines. He burned up the shocks and standing grain, together with the vineyards and olive groves.” (Judges 15: 5).

As you can see, it had nothing to do with the foxes.

If I was supposed to have had a choice in my life’s destiny, God would have sought my consent about the race, country, century, family, or blood type I would prefer to have. He would have involved me in the planning of my life. He would have waited for my go-ahead. It would have been a partners’ affair- God & Sati Unlimited.
But it’s not. Why? Because it has never been about me.

I’ve heard it so many times: “it’s not about you; it’s all about Him,” but it became sharper when a Man of God in Zamfara linked it to this Samson and Philistine event.
There was beef between Samson and the Philistines before the foxes came onto the scene. Likewise, the battle between God and Satan has been raging since the time ‘before-before’; before we had come into the picture (Ezekiel 28: 12 – 19). Satan did not only rebel against God, but he is also currently stealing and destroying what God values so much- His children. (Samson’s plight pales in comparison sha).
As at today, the Battle is almost over, and of course we already know who the Victor is. Right now He’s tying firebrands to as many ‘foxes’ that are willing; equipping His End-Time Army, to set peoples’ hearts on fire for Him.

I am one of His Fire Foxes(Trainee FireFox, to be honest), and I pray that you’ll aspire to be one too. In word and deed. Signed and sealed.

Thank you, Gideon Ekele, for being a ‘Fox’ that set us on fire to set others on fire.
The End-Time Army is growing, and maybe a couple of us will make a series on this and call it The 144,000 ;- ) ;- )

(Shey you get: The 4400 … which, come to think of it, is not so hilarious, esp. as it's a totally reverse message. Hmmm)

144,000 represents the very large number of people who will dwell in God’s Presence, having been saved by His Son Jesus Christ. Revelations 14.


That’s the exclamation my Aunt always used when she was regretting something. So what am I regretting? Failed job opportunities.

I wasn’t keen on working in a bank, so even though I submitted my CV/resume, I never sat for their tests. But people told me to stop being so specific; that I should cast my net wide, then throw out the fishies I don’t want. So I wrote a bank test. And failed. By two kparuf marks.

Then I was invited to write a test for this really tek company, which might have been the job of my dreams. An’ya! If only I had read my gmat more! That book is falling apart yet I’m not the one responsible for that. Other people have been seriously reading it for me. Gba, good for me. Sighs. If only I’d written like three other tests before this particular firm, I would have been more serious, determined. The questions were not even difficult. An’ya!

Anyway, it’s just two tests; the day is still young, and I’ve learnt my March Lesson: Job Market sucks when you don’t prepare adequately for tests. The lesson applies to other spheres of life too. Poor preparation and I-don’t-care mentality is going to bite you in the bum like a mad dog whose hair is falling off.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Waka-Waka: Time Na Money

I have an obsession for detail. I always like to cross my i's and dot my t's.
- Unidentified job-seeker during an interview.

Hi. How have you been lately?
Me? I’ve been happy with myself.
I’ve discovered that the Labour/Favour/Job Market has its advantages:

  1. Ask me anything- I know it, or am about to know it. I am a Walkipedia; from Angela Merkel to the tragic death of the Zimbabwean PM's wife. Ask me about the 16th President of the USA, the number of Local Govts in Nigeria, the VP in IBB's regime, the latest in Gaza, the meaning of PPPRA, just ask me. I'll find out if I don't know it yet. Yesss, it's a good feeling!
  2. You can improve your mental arithmetic skills. (Mental arithmetic and I have not been good friends, but nowadays...)
  3. Your self-confidence increases as you practice what you are going to say to prospective employers. Your carriage improves, and your wardrobe also steps up; c'est time for "power dressing" - where is that can of starch spray again???

But you know, I don't want to stay in the Job Market for long, so lemme get back to my favorite books, papers and job sites. Time na money.

Keep taking care of you.