Wednesday, June 27, 2007


“Time up! Submit your papers!”

Mr. Stressful practically screams. It’s a calculation course. The time is really not enough, but most of the 300 level Chemical Engineering students hurry to comply, nonetheless. Half-bread is better than none, they say, and it really applies in this case.

To keep writing while Mr. Stressful screams and takes your concentration and biro-chewing energy away is guaranteed to make him mad, tear up your paper, and sometimes, fail you a couple of times.

Despite this though, students will always be students. You’d notice people forming clusters, checking out their answers-

“A-ah! How did you get a bottom product of 625lbs?!”

“Abegs, turn the paper now!!”

This naturally prompts Mr. Stressful to say something like “Apart from these people here-” He gestures “- the rest of you should not submit!”


Well this makes the commotion intensify –everybody starts pushing to submit their test scripts, and as two hundred students are telling each other to move or get trampled, Mr. Stressful points and bellows:

“You chooked me!!”

A sharp, high pitched and very ticked off retort goes “Excuse Sir, I did not chook you!”

“Keep quiet! I said you chooked me! I saw you!!”

“I said I did not chook you! I did not chook you!” she replies, flailing her arms in anger.

He looks her up and down, and then you realize that this chic is towering over him. Hmm… The man is clearly unimpressed by this. In his anger, he forgets what he said earlier on about not collecting some scripts and collects them all as he launches into an interesting speech:

“You think I don’t know you?! I know you! See the pencil in your hand too! Hm! You will see! Very rude girl…I’ve been observing you… you will see!”

Suddenly, the reality that this particular lecturer can make her or break her dawns on her. She immediately gets on her knees and proceeds,

“Excuse Sir!! I-said-I-did-not-chook-you-and-I-did-not-chook-you!!”

(Uh-oh! Is that a hiss that just escaped her lips?! And is she really folding her hands across her chest in this I’m-ready-to-fight way? That… doesn’t really go with the kneeling pose). But she’s past caring anyway; of all the one hundred and ninety nine students, he picks on her.

Lai-lai, today is today! The man makes a good show of ignoring her, though he might probably be feeling better now that he’s a bit taller than her.

Papers in hand, he walks out of the lecture hall imperiously, and she promptly stands up and follows him, pouting mouth leading the way.

[N.B:- Help me fill the blank: “Ye, you _______ me!” a) chooked b) chuked c) chukked d) none of these]