Friday, June 20, 2008

I Dey!!

Governement Girls' Unity Secondary School, a large, spacious school with very friendly girls who love to rush the National Anthem no matter how many times you blast them or tell them to sing it again. GGUSS, the Corpers' favorite school in Kotorkoshi, Bungudu LGA.

The dust has settled between my Ex-Princi's last visit. It has settled very, very well. My life is taking on an easy, slow-paced beat (which I swore I'd prevent, tsk tsk) but the conclusion is this: I am happy. Swinging from one mood to the other as the dust storm blows, but happy. Focusing on good and bad things almost simultaneously, but happy.

It's good for me to stop here, as I have nothing further to add apart from this: God really dey, so I dey kampe! :-)

Howz YOUR own morale??