Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of course it's 'Burning Hot!'

Scenes from Wetin Dey (fapped from a bbc page I cannot recall at the moment)
The show is indeed "Burnin' Hot!"

Her name is Sebari Diete Spiff, and she’s one of the people behind the magic of Wetin Dey. She is the series producer, and I’m growing increasingly curious about her. She pays attention to the little details that make Wetin Dey an amazing watching experience.
I am yet to see anyone that doesn’t love either the lighting, editing, or scripting of this programme.

AIDS is a depressing reality, but the way it is treated in Wetin Dey is remarkable. (By the way, I just realized that “remarkable” really means remark able/remark worthy/notable. English...) The humour is respectfully injected to calm you down when you see sad things happening to 'Peju, Bilkisu, Yetunde or dear Chris.
Why this sudden excitement over Wetin Dey? Simple. After many weeks, I was opportuned to watch it last Sunday, and boy...

Immediately I heard the opening music on Sunday evening, I flew out of my room, extremely excited (okay, that’s not so true… I was in the middle of composing a text, so I hurriedly finished and told him to “tune to NTA… please please hurry!”)
All the amazing characters were having flashbacks, and I got so thrilled when Chris, (my favorite character, in case you haven't noticed) was talking about his mistakes, what he learnt… I was touched by their stories. I was impressed with their story-telling/acting. I was, bottom line, flooded with hope, because I was staring at brilliant, hard working Nigerians giving their best and loving every moment of it.
Nigeria is working. To God be the glory!

PS: I just wanted to share my happiness over Wetin Dey with you, esp. as I’ll be heading back to ZM in a few days. If only I could pack this burrful, calm, amazing Jos weather along with the rest of my stuff… I truly wish (sighs)…