Saturday, April 12, 2008


Santi is the Hausa word for… arrgh! I don’t quite know how to put it… enjoyment of something… like something is really shakking you.
[Examples: "Kina santin abin ko? (You are relishing the thing ba?”) Usually stated by my sis when she sees me getting extra chirpy or excited while eating some things.]

I googled the word for a better explanation, but guess what? They had a hard time defining it as well:

Santi is a Hausa cultural concept which is hard to define precisely. It always involves making some kind of remark during eating. This will typically be a complimentary comment about the food itself or about some pleasant thought that comes to the mind of the speaker, for example a comment about nice clothes or about how fat one's livestock are.”

So 5/10 for me. [Clap. Clap. (Clap)x3 Clap!]

Ina santin Viju Milk Drink, wallahi! (I don’t really like the way I sound saying that, so I’m reverting back to English, thank you): I’m really enjoying Viju Milk Drink, I’m telling you!

I thought about switching to another milky product, as I was finally getting tired of Viju (I like the apple and strawberry flavours, but hardly ever find the strawberry flavour, and therefore stick to apple only :-( ).
Then yesterday I discovered their blackcurrant & apple, as well as pineapple & apple flavours.

De-lightful! So, so delightful!

I just drank them this morning, as I had to patiently wait for PHCN to bestow us with light to cool the fridges. I especially love the Blackcurrant flavour). Creamier, more delicious. Oh my goodness, Viju is making me dance! It’s one-fifth the price of Fristi (another of my santi-able something-somethings), so I’m even happier.
Viju Company, you have an ardent consumer! (Maybe I should write them… or maybe not). When they see their delightful, creamy products disappearing from shelves, they’ll know…

… that we, the great society of Viju-lovers, are absolutely appreciative!

P.S: I wanted to blog about the uselessness of worry, (with case-scenarios of situations being even worse than you were worried about), but Viju Milk swept me away.
I also wanted to blog about my upcoming trip to Benin City, but… Viju Milk swept me away!
I’m trying to listen intently to what my big sis is telling me, but guess what? I’m writing about Viju milk. Aren’t I-

1. So filled with santi?
2. A good Viju PR person?